Transparency in our services, Trust of and Responsibility towards our Users are the core values of Gully Players



    All users in selecting a fantasy team for any match are provided with the same budget of 100 credits. All users have access to the database of players and are bound by the same rules while picking the composition of their respective teams, such as the maximum/minimum limits on the number of batsmen, bowlers, wicket-keeper and all-rounders and limits placed on the number of players that can be picked from a particular real life team.


    The credits required to pick a player are locked for each particular contest and match. The price for each player does not fluctuate based on the performance of the player or their real life team during the particular contest or the match.


    Gully Players initiates deadline at the official match start time for all featured sports. The teams cannot be updated/edited post the deadline of the respective match. This deadline is put in place to ensure continued level playing field for all our users.


    You can conveniently download the composition of every team in your contest after the deadline in 1-click. Just go to My Contests tab and you will see a Download icon. Click on this and you will be able to view and/or save all teams in that contest. This feature allows you to keep track of your competition and never have to worry about any changes in anyone’s team post deadline!


    We love to see you win! To ensure you can play on Gully Players and compete with other users with full confidence, we have taken the following measures:

    • The scoring system used for calculating points is clearly illustrated and displayed on our platforms
    • The applicable payouts for winners of each contest are clearly mentioned
    • Any winnings/payouts are promptly processed and credited to the User's account
    • Scores for each match are sourced from accurate scoring feeds provided by reputable third party service providers